Old school vs New school has been the subject of debate for as long as we can remember.

Whether it’s comparing the likes of Kobe and Jordan, or the “Golden Era” of hip hop to its current state, some prefer the old, some prefer the new.
So I sat down with someone who appreciates both eras of what people consider “old school” & “new school” to discuss one of man’s most prized possessions and symbolisms to success ; cars. From the man’s who driven it all, here’s Bryan’s top 5 old school whips.



5. BMW – 1990 M3 EVO3 

This car has been one of my favorite cars since the late 80’s & early 90’s. I always appreciate its aggressive lines, compactness, and most importantly the S14 motor. It’s handling abilities and high qualities of the motor truly made it a race car for the road.




4. 1986 Lancia S4 

This Car was a monster turbo charged and super charged. This car had one purpose only to bone the fuck out. I admire its technology all crammed into one chasis. A true rally champion and one of my favorites.



3. 1960 PORSCHE 356 ABARTH

A very rare car that defines simplicity. 4 CAM engine power with lightweight chassis to match. Carlos Abarth made sure this was special with the way he chose its design and shape. This shit is like SEX ON WHEELS!



2. 1990 Ferrari F40

I’ve always liked the F40’s design. Its focus on the aspect of aerodynamics and (light) weight made this car scary fast for its time. With no AC, no radio, or power windows, this car for true enthusiast still remains timeless.



1. 1973 Porsche 911 RS

Porsche 911. What can I possibly say? I find myself admiring the way they’re able to manipulate the weight without compromising the quality of the car. Light and fast, this car will always remain a timeless classic car in my eyes.



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