5. In Living Color (1990 – 1994)


I was still in High School when this shit came on. We had SNL, but a lot of the people that I knew felt out of reach with the show because we couldn’t relate to it. When I heard that the Wayans family was behind it, I was hyped. The show was refreshing. We finally had a variety show that was actually worth watching that represented the urban perspective of life. And the Fly Girls? C’mon….


4. Martin (1992 – 1997)


Martin to me was a show about this good natured dude who always got into trouble cause he got a slick mouth.
He’s this dude that was small and sensitive but always acted bigger than his weight class and we got to watch his consequences from that in a comical way.
There’s always ONE dude in your group of friends that’s like Martin and I think everyone was able to relate to this show in that sense. I was sad when the show ended, they had 5 good years so I guess I can’t complain.


3. A TEAM (1983 – 1987)


A-Team was on some gangster shit. I used to get pumped after watching it so I’d round up the homies and we’d all go play guns. This was before all the plastic BB guns had the orange tips, so we were just kids being kids emulating what we saw. I remember it being a lot more violent than other shows on the air back then, thats what drew me to the show. Mr. T w/ all the gold chains, just on that G swag with no shirt fuckin everybody up. The thing I valued most about this show is the comradery that these 4 dudes shared cause that’s how the Crooks Fam get down.


2. Knight Rider (1982 – 1986)


This show tapped into the two things that runs in the veins of every man’s DNA. Being a fuckin cool guy and having the fuckin whip.
Every guy names their car, and talks to it from time to time. So when a tv show about a car that actually talks back?! That’s a wrap.


1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 – 1996)


This is a show where EVERY character played such a pivotal role in its success.
Here’s a good natured kid from the mean streets of Philly, who gets a get-out-the-hood card for free because of his relations.
I think everyone dreams of catching a break when the going gets rough, and a lot of people we’re able to live vicariously through Will.
For any age, race, or background, the audience gravitated to the show because of how the suburban and the urban culture were able to co-exist in the most unlikely environment. Not to mention the Will’s style was just on some banana shit. This show to me is the GREATEST tv show of the 90′s.