We had a chance to link with Tim Bradley prior to his fight with Brandon Rios. Being a fan of the brand for many years, Bradley was excited to work with us on his gear for the upcoming bout. Being fans of boxing and Bradley, we were equally as excited to work with the champ, designing a series of tees and apparel for fight week.

Bradley was well prepared for this bout, working with his new trainer, the famed Teddy Atlas. He walked into the ring in what many consider the best shape of his life, and it showed. Prepared both mentally and physically, he methodically picked Rios apart, peppering his body and head with repeated blows. He finished Rios in the 9th round with 2 lethal body shots resulting in a KO.

This well deserved win for Bradley has now put him among the top contenders for the next bout with Pacquiao. The world will now await Pac’s decision. Congrats to Tim Bradley and his entire camp!
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