The Los Angeles-based brand consists of seven embroidery artists who have been practicing free hand embroidery on anything they could get their hands on Chain Gang L.A. is not new to collaboration, they of course have even collaborated with Crooks & Castles in the past. It goes without saying that the streets of Los Angeles are intertwined into Chain Gang L.A. just as much as their thread weaves in and out of the garments in Beverly Hills Barney’s location. Besides the various fonts and handwriting they come up with they also have been crafting custom patches which can been seen from anything denim related to motorcycle clubs and car clubs.  This craft that has been carried out in Los Angeles by Chain Gang L.A. is done on their stunning 1890 sewing machines. Machines that resemble the infamous lowrider cars that line so many California streets and neighborhoods.

Chain Gang L.A. will be present at the Beverly Hills Flagship now through Sunday, April 9th Chain Gang will also be customizing denim pieces on-site. This Los Angeles flavor blends perfectly with the New York fashion that is, Barney’s.