The term “Urban” is not only ambiguous, but impossible to define. The Urban is difficult to identify and is often used negatively, but sometimes things just are what they are.

New York City is Urban. Whether you grew up on the Upper West Side, the Lower East Side, or Queens, you’ve encountered the Urban: gentrification, the projects, subways, a melting pot of different ethnicities. The city is so densely populated that it can’t be anything but Urban.





In fashion, “Urban” has a “color” based stigma. “Urban” is thought of as ghetto and the antithesis of high-fashion – the clothes rappers wore before they actually made their money. Where some people denigrate “Urban,” we see a footprint of self-motivation.




When Ralph Lifshitz first began the brand many of us know as ‘Lo (Polo) he was selling neckties out of the Empire State Building. Tommy Hilfiger was buying jeans and customizing them before reselling – these are things that could only happen in an “Urban” environment because of the connectivity of fashion to the real world. Urban is everything; it pushes the boundaries of culture.




As a brand that is predominantly considered “Urban” we love art, sports, girls,

Mid-Century Modern Furniture, cars, ratchet music, jewelry and travel.




In an effort to unite most of these variables (and do something really cool), we did this charity event in New York for NBA All-Star weekend. Something in the most Urban city, with some cool art and people that you may (or may not) consider Urban. The city is ours and yours and we can’t shy away from Urban.