There’s nothing like finding a place that hits the spots when you’re high. Whether it’s a spoon full of peanut butter, a week old bag of stale chips in your kitchen, or the local burger joint around the corner, nothing is off-limits when you’re high.

So I sat down with Rob Marley to see some of the places he likes to visit when he’s getting his 420 on cause I don’t know anyone else that stays as high and eats as good as he does. Here’s his Top 5 :


1. Mofongos Restaurant (North Hollywood)

mofongo_camarones Carne Guisada

Mofongos is the spot I’m at when I’m craving that authentic Puerto Rican food. I think they been open for about 5 years now and I’m at this spot heavy.
All their plates are good so I usually order a variety. From Chuletas, Mofongo de Carne Guisada, and some of that Cubano sandwich.
I get the pork filled banana tamales, mash it with the rice and the special sauce they got over there and it’s a wrap.

2. Chosun Galbee (Koreatown, Los Angeles)

briskey kkotsal seng galbi

From time to time I gotta get my KBBQ fix and there’s no better place to go than Chosun Galbi in Koreatown, Los Angeles. I used to fuck with Woo Lae Oak before they closed down, and this was the only other place at the time I found spacious enough for the crew. I start the meal off with some Brisket, pork belly, and the non-marinated ribs. I know a lot of people fuck w/ the marinated beef but I like to enjoy all the sauces and side dishes they provide and that’s easier without the beef being marinated.

1. Salo-Salo Grill & Restaurant (Artesia)

A lot of birthdays, and memories were spent at this restaurant. Nothing hits the soul like Filipino food for me. Salo Salo is HANDS down the best Filipino restaurant. It’s been there forever. If it’s your first time there, you can go with the BBQ platter, but there’s other shit that you’ll definitely fuck with.


Sisig Garlic Fried Rice Seafood Bam-i

We fuck w/ the beef steak, Shrimp sinigang (pronounced sini-gung), Garlic Rice, Crispy Pata for a light day.
Be sure to check this place out when you’re in the area.


1. Blockheads Shavery (Westwood, CA)

This spot is on the come up quick and it’s not hard to see why once you go and try this place. This spot is probably my favorite joint to go when I’m on my 420, and craving the shit out of something sweet. I usually order the Strawberry block w/ Mango, Black Sesame, and a grip of condensed milk. This shit GO.

Green Tea Black Sesame Shaved Red Beans Cakes Blueberry Green Tea Ice Cream Block Heads Strawberry

2. Cha2O (Artesia)

This spot is on some cafe / lounge shit. They dim the lights in that joint towards the night, and it straight feels like some club shit after awhile. This spot opens real late so it’s good for the late splif sessions. Sometimes I’m on that cotton mouth heavy, and I need something cool to keep my chill.

l CHA20

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