5. Portis Head – Sour Times

This joint came out in 94, and the General put me on game with this one. I was still “in” high school so I was in that experimental stage in my life.
Trying out new shit, trying out different music and just soaking it all in. This song really stuck with me when we ended up going to their show one day.
I’ve attended a fair share of concerts in my life for all sorts of genres of music but, the Portishead concert is the best concert I’ve ever attended in my life.

4. Dogg Pound – Do What I Feel

I was fresh out of high school when this joint started spinning heavy. Me and the crew were just hitting up house parties cause we wasn’t old enough to
fuck w/ the clubs yet. I remember hearing this joint come on at a particular party one night, and I just on it. I was on my third 40 oz by the third hour that I was there when I was feelin up on a shorty. Shit got too crazy and I ended up throwing up on the chick not too long after. My bad to the short at the party if you reading this.

3. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents

Classic Jay shit. That metaphoric, slick rhyme shit that he was fuckin up everybody with. Hip hop was really blooming and Jay was bringing that hustler’s ambition to the forefront. Payin for everything out of his own pocket to make sure he was getting his fair percentages. Just a young kid out of Marcy fuckin up the market by surprising these execs through his independent hustle. And the music video portrays what every hustler dreams of. Round table full of bosses, talkin shit and flossin.

2. AZ – Sugar Hill

This was my joint for the long road trips. I remember me and Big Cuz mashin down the 10 to get to the Cabazon Outlets.
I remember Tommy Hilfiger was poppin at the time, but we was fuckin with the Polo more and they had em for cheap.
We’d just play the whole album out for the trip and really listen to what he was sayin. These long trips really made me feel that AZ was debatably on a similar
level as Escobar.

1. CNN – T.O.N.Y

This song reminds me of the crew just coming together. Tight knit crew that was hitting house parties, mackin on shorties, and just thuggin it.
We weren’t on that Hennessy yet, so we was going hard on the St. Ide’s 22 oz. just being hooligans knowing we got each other no matter what went down.
It was just a time when we were coming together as a family, and started to form who we really were and going to be.


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